Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adolf Castle(RUS) - Really Crazy Germans (Valiant/Metal Agen 1999)
1. Crazy Germans
2. Gallow Tree
3. Heart of the Spring
4. Oh! Grand Old Alaric
5. Russian Polizei
6. Fall In Hate
7. Crowned By the Sun
8. Fat Mad Marta
9. Iron Riders
10. Vilissa
11. The Great Attila Inversion
12. Fritz Und Hans (Live In Dortmund)
13. Brother In Metal


Notes: This band is my first touch of Russian metal, really great! These guys know how to show the true heavy metal spirit with their music and made a perfect combination of the traditional heavy metal and Russian folk music(really crazy!!!).
This should be the last few updatings before I come back to my hometown, so I will keep this blog alive after a long pause!



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