Saturday, March 10, 2007

Detestation(US) - Massacre of Hate (Decomposed Skunk 1995)
1. Feast of Flesh
2. Decay
3. Massacre of Hate
4. Sentence to Rot
5. Decomposed Entrails
6. Smoked
7. Infecting
8. Silenced
9. Spewing Bowels
10. Dysfunction
11. Control
12. Melting Death
13. Mutilated Death
14. Here I Dwell
15. E.M.F
16. Killing Time
17. Dissolved


Notes: DETESTATION is just like other bad luck death metal bands(SODOMIZED, SICKNESS, SARCOPHAGY, EMBRYONIC DEATH...), who didn't catch up with the train of brutal death wave. I remember I first time heard this band from a compilation of Wild Rags Records, and they impressed me very much. Luckily the band left this ablum which is worthy to check out. Achtung! Bad production!



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