Sunday, January 28, 2007

Embrionic Death(US) - Regurgitate The Dead (Demo 1992)
1.Bed Sores
2.Twisted Intestine
3.Sculpting Decay
5.Dripping With Formaldehyde
6.Hemorrhaging Horror


Notes: E.D. should had been one of the best brutal death bands if they hadn't disband so early. And this is their best demo.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm agree with you. sounds great for a demo! Thanx :)

11:21 PM  
Blogger Death said...

Words cannot possibly express the gratitude I have for you uploading Embrionic Death.

My copy of their Demo, Regurgitate the Dead, along with demos for Magus and Absu were stolen back in '91 or 92 out of my car. Since that time I have searched off and on for over a decade to find a copy of Regurgitate the Dead that I could buy, trade or sell myself for (heh).

I just want to again say thank you sooo very much for making Embrionic Death available. You have allowed me to enjoy a piece of my past that has been missing for awhile.

If there is something I can do to pay you back or help with your site please send an email to my gmail account, deatheternal666

3:47 AM  

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