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V.A. - Seraphic Decay Records CD Sampler (Seraphic Records 1991)
ABHORRENCE (FIN) - "Pestilential Mists" 7" (1990)
1. Pestilential Mists
2. Holy Laws Of Pain
3. Caught In A Vortex
4. Disintegration Of Flesh
ACROSTICHON (NL) - "Dehumanized" 7" (1991)
5. Dehumanized
6. Thriving on Chaos
7. Exasperation
8. Lost Remembrance
GOREAPHOBIA (US) - "Morbidious Pathology" 7" (1990)
9. Polterchrist Entrapment (3:01)
10. Devious Regordation (2:30)
11. Organ Donor (3:51)
TOXAEMIA (SWE) - "Beyond The Realm" 7" (1990)
12. Beyond The Realm
13. Another Lie, Another Death
14. Who Dies15. Expired Christianity
DISGRACE (FIN) - "Debts Of God" 7" (1991)
16. Debts of Gods
17. Deprive My Innermost Soul
18. Incinerate19. Offering20. Waves of Hypocrisy Seas
MINCH - "Unleashed Aggression" 7" (1990)
21. Lipucci Minch
22. Minature Bitch - Minch - Lotsa Mozza - We Gotta Go - Aaaaaaarrufff!!! - I'm Making My Lunch


Notes: Only one of six bands of this compilation doesn't disband till now. So Seraphic Decay Rec. did a great job to remain some good death metal works for the masses. This release was probably the only compact dist they ever put out!



Blogger Nocturn said...

The best cd from rip-off label called Seraphic Decay Records! Only great bands on this cd :)

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Noctum, you don't know SHIT about SDR! the truth is that SDR got fucked over by John McEntee of Incantatiion. He told SDR to send HIM all the 'band copies' of Rigor Mortis, Incantation, Mortician, Derketa, Gorephobia, and that he would give them to the bands. instead, John sold them and pocketed the money. (he even ask for copies of the Minch 7" to sell at shows, and never gave the money back to SDR. none of the band knew that John ripped them off and not SDR. why did John do this? because he wanted to team up with Relapse, so he had to dick over SDR. then, once the flaming ball of lies started from John, those other bands thought SDR ripped them off, and that's when the SDR-RIP OFF campaign began! other bands started to say "we didnt get our records either" when SDR did send out every single last record under the contracts of 20% pressing goes to bands. each "authentic" SDR release was only 1,000 copies, so each band got 200. the problem is that it became fashionable to SDR-bash, so any bands that was friends with Incantation, or Immolation (aka Rigor Mortis) or Derketa, or Mortician, etc. would say "SDR ripped me off" when SDR didn't.
it also did not help SDR that the catalog numbers where "SCAM-01, SCAM-02, SCAM-03" etc. because people thought it meant SDR was scamming bands. which SCAM was taken from (S)ERAPHI(C) DEC(A)Y (M)USIC --- which was the original name when Paul L. from Profanatica drew up the first Seraphic Decay logo.
Another problem is that SDR would be in contact with a band thru a member who ended up leaving the band, or was kicked out of the band, etc. (example Kimmo, original drummer for Abhorrence got the bands 200 records but left for the military or something and the guys never got their 200 records from Kimmo) -- then, SDR got bootlegged by HELLION RECORDS (who is the record shop / bootleg label that is friends with Nuclear Blast, and who made all of the bootlegs NBR used to sell, like live Fates Warning, and NBR would also sell boots of their own bands like Benediction, so you wanna talk about rip-offs, try NBR, HELLION RECORDS, EARACHE, etc) anyway, bands on SDR started to see a shitload of THEIR 7"s showing up EVERYWHERE. it was not the doing of SDR, but of the bootlegger HELLION and NBR! even RELAPSE was selling SDR items, so you know there was something fucked up going on, since RELAPSE hated SDR.
the bottom line is SDR got a raw deal because of a few assholes trying to screw them over. so, you can't fault SDR for not being nice and friendly to bands who had already accused them of ripping off, because it WASNT TRUE!

Will from Mortician still thinks SDR ripped him off and has told people he would murder the owner of SDR if he ever saw him. so, this is the sort of atmosphere was created by JOHN McENTEE... not SDR.

8:16 AM  

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