Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Calvary Death(BRA) - Jesus, Intense Weeping (Cogumelo Records 1994)
1. Sacred With Blessed
2. Penetrating in the Eternal Frost
3. Scum
4. The Fall of Lucifer
5. I'm Spiring
6. Reborn from Hell
7. Spiritual Suffocation
8. Predicting the Death
9. Baptism of Blood
10. Jesus, Intense Weeping
11. Suffering(intro)
12. Immortal Sinbols
13. Cursed Be
14. Gritos da boca do Inferno
15. Sanctuary of Eternal Pain


Notes: A excellent death metal release except the production was a bit unbalancy, the guitar sound was too weak while the drum sound was a little loud. The last five tracks were taken from their demo which was great old school death metal.



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